K-3 Supply List 2019-20

4-8 Supply List 2019-20

Central Primary School- Requests for labeling supplies:


Individually label: 2 twistable colored pencils, 8 pack crayon, 16 pack crayon, 24 pack crayon. *Please label items using student's initials.

Label: 2 folders, 1 black notebook, 1 green notebook, 1 scissors.

*First name and initial of last name.

First Grade

No labels. The teachers will label what needs labeled.

Second Grade

Label: Marker and crayon boxes. *First name and initial of last name.

3rd Grade

Label: Crayon box, marker box, colored pencil box, highlighters, glue bottle, scissors, all folders, all notebooks, P.E. shoes, headphones/earbuds.

*First name and initial of last name.